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Can I download the film or receive a USB or DVD once I purchase it?
The Hashkifa films can only be viewed by streaming it online.
Can I use maaser money to purchase Hashkifa films?
Yes. Hashkifa is a non-profit organization focused on producing inspiring cutting-edge content to communicate Torah values in a heartfelt and engaging way.
I can't find my confirmation email. Where could it be?
If you don't see the confirmation email in your inbox, check your spam folder to see if it's there.

Purchasing for a Friend

Can I purchase the film/s for a friend?
Yes. Click on the Purchase for a Friend box.
What happens when I use the purchase for a friend option?
An email is sent to your friend with a link and an access code to the film/s with a personal message from you.

Accessing the Video

Where can I find my email address/access code?
Your access code is the email address you entered on the purchase form. If you forgot which email address you entered, check your confirmation email.
How do I log in to watch?
Use the link you received in your confirmation email upon purchase or click on the login button on the top right-hand side of navigation bar. Enter your access code (your email address) on the login pagae.
How many times can I view the film after I purchase it?
Every purchase gives you an access code that allows you to log in five separate times. Each time you log in, the system will remember your access code (on that browser) for 24 hours, essentially giving you five full days to watch the film as many times as you want.
How do I see how many logins I have left?
The number of logins remaining is listed on top of the video page.
If I pause or stop the film and come back, will I need to log in again and use up another view?
You will stay logged in on that browser for 24 hours without using up another view.
Can I share one of my extra views with someone else?
To help us cover the astronomical production costs, there is a required donation from each viewer/family. Feel free to use the "Purchase for a Friend" option to purchase for a friend or extended family member.

Watching the Video

Does the Tisha b'Av film have background music?
Yes. Hashkifa follows the ruling of the many poskim who allow the use of background music as an added tool for inspiration.
How do I view the video with Hebrew or English subtitles?
On the videos page, there are different options to view the video with subtitles.
My filter doesn't allow me to watch the film. What should I do?
Click above the video to "Try an Alternate Version."