4 incredible stories.

1 common thread.

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Real Stories. Real People. Real Life.

The Common Thread, an exceptional film production,
weaves a masterful narrative, spanning time, merging past and future.
4 Incredible Stories. 1 Powerful Message.

the smuggler's cup

From Kos to coast: a story of survival and salvation

saved by the baby

A miraculous journey from Israel to Ireland


The incredible story of a near-disaster and its aftermath

the refusal

A sacrifice of stature: dignity or distinction
On Tisha B'Av, we mourn the destruction of the Bais Hamikdash and the harmony that once was. It is a time to remember the way things should be, and how we stand as a nation, governed by Divine Providence. This year, let us acknowledge the hashgacha in our lives, a unifying thread that we share and strive to repair the rifts that divide us, to form a glorious tapestry of unity.
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About Hashkifa

Hashkifa harnesses the power of storytelling and technology to touch and inspire today’s generation. It produces cutting edge video content in a current and engaging format, to communicate a plethora of Torah concepts and values. Presented in Rabbi Yoel Gold’s inimitable style, a collection of incredible and relatable stories are finding their way into the hearts and minds of viewers around the globe. To date, Hashkifa’s videos have been translated into 6 languages, and have been met with overwhelmingly positive responses, with millions of views on popular social media platforms.
Aside from its enthusiastic worldwide viewership, Hashkifa presentations have been brought to hundreds of school, and have been shown in many high-profile companies & organizations. Hashkifa’s worldwide spiritual impact is evident, and the numbers are constantly growing. Can YOU resist a good story?
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Rabbi Yoel Gold

Rabbi Yoel Gold is a sought-after motivational speaker, renowned throughout the world for his ability to impact and inspire. His passion for Torah and meaningful presentations have left their mark on countless audiences around the globe.

Rabbi Gold is a ninth-grade Rebbe in Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok, a boys’ yeshiva high school in Southern California. In addition, he served as Rabbi of Congregation Beis Naftali for five years. Now he travels the world, speaking to audiences of all backgrounds looking for inspiration. His videos have amassed close to 10 million views, and have been shown in schools and organizations across the spectrum. As you read this, thousands of people are listening, watching, and being inspired by his gifted oratory.

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Hashkifa is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

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the hashkifa curriculum

Learning in Today's Language

Hashkifa develops customized, grade-level curriculums with the aim of inspiring today’s youth with Torah values and ideas. Hashkifa’s materials provide an interactive and meaningful learning experience, in a method proven to promote higher comprehension and retention levels.

The curriculums are story and video-based, with a teacher’s guide for easy classroom application. Each video is expounded on, with select quotes and their sources in the Torah, quizzes, and practical exercises to drive the lesson home. This original approach and complete treatment of the subject matter helps students translate the messages in each story. Teaching complex hashkafic perspectives is made easy with this invaluable teaching resource.

Schools can choose to access a printable version of the materials, or to order our innovative binder that allows students to select and play a corresponding video as they navigate through the curriculum.
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One in Ten

student guide lesson plan

A Tale of
Two Mothers

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